July 23, 2019

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Maggie Van Ostrand's columns and articles cover more topics than Washington has lobbyists. Each is listed below, with a descriptive blurb. We don't know what a blurb is, but Maggie thinks they may be useful here.
  • El Taxi, or El Toro?
    Hemingway said there are two types of spectators at a bullfight: those who identify with the bull, and those who identify with the matador.

  • The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made In Mexico
    You might think the biggest mistake I ever made in Mexico was packing up and driving north to Taos to escape the cinder bearing, stinging hot winds from Chiapas. But you’d be wrong.

  • The Five Senses of Frida
    Frida Kahlo was a captivating artist and an intriguing, seductive woman. If we hadn't figured that out from the many books written about her, we would certainly have gotten the point from the motion picture, "Frida."

  • Las Posadas, 2001
    "What is Christmas like in Mexico?" asked my friend, Edward. It didn’t take much encouragement for me to eagerly share this experience:

  • Seabiscuit's Home: Willits
    In the cool, green quiet of Northern California, there lies the Republic of Willits. Some say it's a satellite of Texas, and might be the last stronghold of the American cowboy. There's a reason people say that.

  • How Do We Know We're Getting Old?
    Will we have to pluck chin hairs and put them on our balding heads? Will we shrink to the same height as Al Pacino? Will our upper arms look like we're wearing a kimono when we're not?

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