February 25, 2021

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Canadian Articles

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  • Mother's Day Revenge of the Uglies
    "Parents would probably deny it, but Canadian researchers have made a startling assertion: Parents take better care of pretty children than they do ugly ones," stated the New York Times.

  • Naked Came the Canadians
    With all the nudity going on in Canada, I'm beginning to think nobody wears any clothes at all, except maybe the mannequins in the shop windows.

  • Prince Charles to Marry His Mother
    Camilla Parker-Bowles, in an effort to be loved by the people of Great Britain and its near-flung empire, snorted, "No, I really do not wish to be addressed as Princess of Wales for that was our own dear and thin Diana's title. I would instead decree myself the title of Duchess of Cornwales, or even Consorting Princess. Or perhaps Queen, which does indeed have a pleasant ring to it."

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